ESD, Global Goals (SDGs) – what exactly are they? (Part 3)


Goal No. 3 Good Health and Well-Being

Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages

The second part of the blog series which looked at the SDG’s No. 1 No Poverty and No. 2 Zero Hunger, will now be considered more closely with the next two parts of the SDG’s, these being: No. 3 Good health and well being and No. 4 Quality Education.

I was born in Germany and I live here still as well. More precisely, I live in Berlin which is the capital. I often think about faraway places and long to live in foreign countries. From a young age, my grandfather taught me to consider all factors, evaluate and weigh out the pros and cons.  I often reflect on my own desire to emigrate, and one very important detail does come to mind. There is hardly any country which offers such a good health system such as here in Germany (even though one also complains about it) and this aspect especially makes me hesitant to move elsewhere.


ESD, Global Goals (SDGs) – what exactly are they? (Part 2)


Following the first part of my blog series “Education for Sustainable Development” (ESD) as well as the Global Goals that were explained in detail, the individual goals are presented in more detail. I would however, also like to point out that all the goals are very closely interwoven and are dependent on each other.

Before it goes any further, you might ask yourself the question:

What is the point of all this? (more…)

ESD, Global Goals (SDGs) – what exactly are they? (Part 1)

In order to correctly cover this issue, there will be a series of blogs.

How everything began:

In the 12th grade, I gave a presentation on gorillas for my class in biology, and for this purpose I especially researched about Dian Fossey, who not only researched about gorillas, but also protected them. Her book “Gorillas in the Mist”  really inspired and captivated my interest at the same time.

How could people be so cruel? How could the world allow these kinds of things to happen? (more…)

Can we grant the children their freedom?

“Your child is as free as possible. Let it go and listen, find and fall, stand up and be confused.” J.H. Pestalozzi (translated)

When I think about my childhood, I remember that I mostly played outside. We roamed through bushes, climbed trees, played hide-and-seek between the garages in the courtyard or got over our fears by going on an expedition through old ruins.All of this we never did with any of our parents or grown-ups. It was quite the opposite, we spent most of our time with the neighbor’s children, friends or relatives. We were all of different ages, some older and some younger. (more…)

Nature – it´s just one word, or is it?


My first blog entry on this page should be something special, something inspiring just like how my Science professor always inspired me.

I decided to write this about an intriguing topic – how much nature does a person need?  During my studies, this was a topic of constant relevance which I also researched on. I am now expanding my knowledge on the topic.

This blog should be scientific, practical and on a formal level. When I presented my research to the professor, it was criticized that my definition of nature was too one-sided and even unclear. This was the reason why I decided to further research all sides that the concept of nature has, I want to improve the term I once made. (more…)