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Can we grant the children their freedom?

“Your child is as free as possible. Let it go and listen, find and fall, stand up and be confused.” J.H. Pestalozzi (translated)

When I think about my childhood, I remember that I mostly played outside. We roamed through bushes, climbed trees, played hide-and-seek between the garages in the courtyard or got over our fears by going on an expedition through old ruins.All of this we never did with any of our parents or grown-ups. It was quite the opposite, we spent most of our time with the neighbor’s children, friends or relatives. We were all of different ages, some older and some younger. (more…)

Nature – it´s just one word, or is it?


My first blog entry on this page should be something special, something inspiring just like how my Science professor always inspired me.

I decided to write this about an intriguing topic – how much nature does a person need?  During my studies, this was a topic of constant relevance which I also researched on. I am now expanding my knowledge on the topic.

This blog should be scientific, practical and on a formal level. When I presented my research to the professor, it was criticized that my definition of nature was too one-sided and even unclear. This was the reason why I decided to further research all sides that the concept of nature has, I want to improve the term I once made. (more…)