Earth Overshoot Day

In the year 1987 the Earth Overshoot Day on December was on November 19th, 1995 already on 21st November and in the year 2017 already on August 2nd. Why the Earth Overshoot Day comes out every year and what this day means in detail, explained by Sustainability Illustrated in  collaboration with Global Footprint Network and Earth Overshoot Day:


They also offer a lesson plan to the subject – ‘LESSON: What day is Earth Overshootday 2017?

Science Kids

The phenomena of nature inspire the children from a small age and for this reason they love to research, to discover and to experiment.

An extensive collection of experiments on topics such as electricity, water, colours, etc. can be found on Science Kids.

In addition, the website offers a wide range on topics such as chemistry, water, animals, earth, etc.

Wildlife – Spotting Sheets

Wildlife Watch offers inspiring resources such as ‘Spotting Sheets’, which the children can use when they are going in the wild spotting. With over 60 variant types of sheets they can get to know many different animals, flowers, plants etc.


All sheets can you find on Wildlife Watch: Spotting Sheets


Sustainable Houses

Nationwide Education offers a comprehensive and great range of teaching materials on topics such as sustainability, energy, recycling, garden, etc.
The materials were adapted on the age group (4-7, 7-11) and were divided into different learning categories such as:

  • Interactive activities
  • Fact and Work sheets
  • Extension activities

For all teaching materials pleas visit: Nationwide Education – Sustainable Houses


Go Green Song

A very fun song with that kids will get to know the 3 R’s (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle)!