Do we need always new paper sheets for drawing?

Kids love to draw and to cut, whether at home, in the kindergarten or school. But must it be always new paper?

From my experience, children often have a problem with it, if already a stroke is painted or the back is already printed.

But just superfluous advertising letters or misprints can be used excellently again and can be provided for the children to painting and handicraft.

It would be too bad if the paper always ends up in the trash.

It saves money and resources!

If we so exactly explain the children how paper is made, extracted from trees and so animals lose their habitat, , some children could be persuaded (from my experience it works very well), to use painted or printed paper. It didn’t bother small children who don’t get to know it otherwise.

Of course, sometimes new papes sheets can be used, then please made from 100% recycled paper.